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May 9th, 7pm, 2023 - In Edit - Netherlands (Rotterdam)

May 19th, 8:30pm, 2023 - STROBE Festival, Sydney, Australia

May 30th, 7:30pm & June 1st, 12:30pm, 2023 - 63rd annual Krakow International Film Festival, Krakow, Poland

July, 2023 (Date TBA) - Revelation Perth International Film Festival, Perth, Australia


May 3rd, 2023 - Dock of the Bay Film Festival, San Sebastian, Spain

May 2nd, 7pm, 2023 - In Edit - Netherlands (Breda)

April 27th, 7:30pm, 2023 - Doc N' Roll screening at...


April 22nd, 3pm, 2023 - In Edit - Netherlands (Amsterdam)

Feb 18th, 2023 - In Edit - Netherlands (Amsterdam)

February 8th 2023 - Sound Unseen, Minneapolis, MN

January 28th 2023 - Doc'n Roll, Dublin

Nov 14th 2022 - DOC NYC, New York, NY (New York Premiere)
 Nov 16th 2022 - DOC NYC, New York, NY (Matinee screening)


Nov 12th 2022 - Fort Lauderdale International Film Festival, Fort Lauderdale, Fl (Florida Premiere)

Nov 1st - 11th, 2022 - Doc'n Roll UK Tour

 Nov 1st 2022 - Doc'n Roll, Birmingham UK (UK Premiere) 

 Nov 2nd 2022 - Doc'n Roll, Brighton, UK (Brighton Premiere)
Nov 2nd 2022 - Doc'n Roll, Liverpool, UK (Liverpool Premiere)
Nov 3rd 2022 - Doc'n Roll, Nottingham, UK (Nottingham Premiere)
Nov 4th 2022 - Doc'n Roll, London, UK (London Premiere)
Nov 5th 2022 - Doc'n Roll, Edinburgh, UK (Scotland Premiere)
Nov 5th 2022 - Doc'n Roll, Glasgow, UK (Glasgow Premiere)
Nov 6th 2022 - Doc'n Roll, Manchester, UK (Manchester Premiere)
Nov 10th 2022 - Doc'n Roll, Sheffield, UK (Sheffield Premiere)
Nov 11th 2022 - Doc'n Roll, Bristol, UK (Bristol Premiere)

Oct 1st 2022 - Charlotte Film Festival (World Premiere) - Audience award for best documentary feature

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